With a food processor with dough blade you can make bread at home.  Kneading dough can be a hassle. If you are a baker, then you know that kneading dough can also be a boring task at times. But with a food processor with a dough blade attachment, you can knead your dough to perfection in less time than doing it manually.

best food processor with dough blade

Outside of kneading dough, a food processor can help with all kinds of cooking tasks, like blending, slicing, shredding, and much more. The best part of all is if you are cooking for a large group of people, you can get more done faster with the food processor.


The 6 Best Food Processors With Dough Blade

1. Cuisinart FP-12DCN Elite Collection 2.0 12-Cup Food Processor

  • Includes a large 12 — cup bowl and a small 4-cup bowl. It also has a pour spouts & measurement markings
  • Electronic touchpad controls — On/Off/Pulse with blue LED lights
  • Includes adjustable slicing disc (1–6mm), adjustable shredding disc (fine/medium), large and small chopping/mixing blades, and a dough blade
best food processor with dough blade

The Cuisinart food processor with dough blade and many wonderful features. Not only will it add nicely to your kitchen decor but you will be amazed by the power of such a little kitchen appliance.

It has a power output of 1000 watts and can process almost any type of food. It is quite a useful tool for people who bake a lot. By having this food processor with dough blade it will be much simpler to make homemade baked goods that are such a treat.

The Cuisinart brand is known for its reliability and for making high-quality products. Obviously, this food processor. This food processor with dough blade comes with a capacity of 12 cups which is big enough to meet your cooking needs. You will be able to make drinks, food, and anything else your creative mind can come up with in large quantities. The best part is, that it is so compact it won’t take up much counter space.

To prevent spilling make sure the containing bowl is sealed tightly. This is especially important when you are mixing liquid ingredients. For added protection, the blade is locked securely when in use. All of these reasons are why the Cuisinart Food Processor With Dough Blade has made it to #1 on our list of the best food processor with dough blade.


  • Special handle for the bowl with a 12-cup capacity
  • A small bowl with a spout fits a 4-cup capacity
  • The most boast a 1000-watts
  • Added safety precaution with a securely lock blade and close up bowls
  • User Friendly With three buttons: On, Off, pulse, and built-in lights
  • Flexible slicing disc that can be adjusted
  • Reversible shredding disc
  • Two different size blades
  • Large feed chute
  • Comes with a dough blade and a spatula
  • Detachable pieces are dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a cookbook and a manual
  • 10-year motor warranty, and a 3-year warranty for the entire unit


I am a very messy cook and this one is very easy to wipe clean. The buttons are sealed so there is no fruit or juice going down between the buttons.  One of my best purchases this year!


Some of the blades are plastic and they get sheared off leaving plastic dust behind.

2. Hamilton Beach Professional Stack & Snap Food Processor

  • Comes with six versatile attachments: This food processor with dough blade is also a veggie spiralizer. It includes spiral and ribbon blades, adjustable slicing blade with 6 settings, reversible shredding blade, S-blade for chopping and pureeing, and dough blade.
  • 12 CUP SEALED BOWL WITH POUR SPOUT. This large 12 cup food processor comes with a sealed bowl to prevent leaks when processing liquid recipes such as salsas, soups, and dressings. The convenient pour spout helps prevent spills when pouring.
  • EXTRA-LARGE CONTINUOUS-FEED CHUTE. The unique 3″ round chute not only fits wide foods like potatoes but also fits tall foods like a whole zucchini, without pre-cutting.
  • EASY STACK & SNAP ASSEMBLY. The unique design of the Hamilton Beach food processor requires no difficulty twisting and locking. The bowl stacks easily on the base and a metal locking arm secures the lid to the bowl.
  • POWERFUL 450 WATT MOTOR: Packs plenty of power to process all types of ingredients. Includes 2 speeds plus pulse control.
best food processor with dough blade

The Hamilton food processor is one of the best food processors with dough blade because it comes with a 450-watt motor. This makes it perfect for common prep tasks such as slicking, chopping, mixing, and more. It features a wide-mouth chute which allows you to put bigger pieces inside. It will save you time from having to cut everything small in order to fit the chute. With a bowl capacity of 12 cups, it allows you to make enough for the entire family at one time. All accessories are dishwasher safe.

The two-speed option is easily visible on the front. There is also a pulse alternative. This option gives you control over how fast or slow you need the blade to spin.

The great thing about the Hamilton Beach food processor is that its bowl can hold a large capacity of fruits and veggies. This will save you time when having to cook dinner after a long day. The added protection from spills with the locked lid and the dishwasher-safe materials ensures clean-up will be a breeze every time.

  • 450-watt motor
  • Spiralize, shred, slice, chop and puree
  • Large 12 cup capacity and extra-large 3″ feed chute
  • Easy to assemble and use Stack & Snap design with leak-free, sealed bowl with pour spout to prevent messes
  • 450 watt motor with 2 speeds and pulse has the power to process all types of ingredients
  • Handy storage case keeps accessories organized, accessible, and all in one place


I can’t say enough good things about this beast. It’ll do about anything you want and made canning so much easier for me this year. If your looking and confused about all the processors out there. Let me save you some time. Just try this one out. I’m glad I did!


 The entire unit is huge, which means while it holds lots of food, its annoying to get smaller amounts of food blended / chopped, difficult to store and clean.

3. Breville BFP660SIL Sous Chef 12 Cup Food Processor

  • This processor can grate cheese, chop herbs, and puree soups
  • Comes with a 12-cup capacity uses BPA free plastic, added safety braking feature
  • Pre-cutting hassles can be eliminated with this process because it contains a 5″ chute
best food processor with dough blade

The Breville food processor is adaptable enough to be used by average cooks and professional chefs. It can shred vegetables, mix, and knead bread with its dough blade attachment.

Save time at mealtime and simplify making baked goods with this food processor with dough blade. Because of its 1000-watt induction motor, it can handle heavy-duty food preparation. It is made for processing heavy foods loads and so doesn’t have a speed option. Now you will be able to chop up foods faster and give your hands a break. The 12-cup capacity bowl is BPA-free and helps you to make large quantities at one time.

The food processor with dough blade can efficiently tackle prep tasks such as mixing, cutting, or slicing. You won’t have to worry about the motor going out because it is built to last. Another fantastic feature is the overload protection which ensures the machine won’t stop when making dough.

With three feed chute options and an adjustable slicer, this food processor with dough blade will turn timely food prep into a simple task with just the push of a button.

  • 1000-watts induction motor
  • Multiple Chute Options
  • 24 settings adjustable slicing disc
  • S-Blade offers consistent even chopping
  • Added safety bowl feature where the processor won’t start unless everything is locked
  • Pulse setting gives you more control over the process


I have no regrets buying this product, it will make anything you need to use a food processor for short work and cleanup is easy! I can’t say enough about this great product


It was just too heavy 

4. Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food Processor

  • The 1000-peak-watt motor can process the toughest ingredients with ease.
  • Precisely chop, consistently slice, and evenly mix all in one appliance.
  • 4 Auto-iQ intelligent preset programs make food prep easier with 3 speeds low, high, and pulse.
  • Chop veggies, shred cheese, make smooth sauces, and quick pizza dough or cookie dough from scratch — all at the touch of a button.
best food processor with dough blade

This Ninja food processor with dough blade specializes in making food prep, fast, easy, and convenient.

It comes with individual settings to chop meat or vegetables, make a puree, knead dough, and slice or shred ingredients. If you can push a button you can use this machine.

Accessories for this processor include a chopper blade, a dough kneading blade, and a metal disc for slicing and shredding.

When not in use you can conveniently store the processor with all of its accessories in the pantry or under the cupboard. It’s compact enough that it won’t take up much storage space.

The food processor bowl can hold up to 9 cups of food ingredients. That’s large enough to make large quantities at once.

All of the accessories are top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. To clean the work bowl, add a small amount of dish soap and warm water to the bowl and pulse a few times.

The 1000 watt motor is strong enough to knead two pounds of dough in under 30 seconds. WOW!

Key Features:
  • 1000-watt motor can process toughest ingredients with ease
  • Comes with four presets
  • 9-cup capacity makes it ideal for cooking large quantities
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe accessories
  • Recipe book included


This is a powerful processor. It also has an added feature, a mixing attachment.  This has the mixer and slicing disc beside the chopping blade.


Don’t get with intentions of grating cheese! 

5. Magiccos 14 Cup Digital Food Processor

  • Silver Die-Cast Aluminum Base. The food processor is much stronger and more durable to use.
  • Large Feed Chute. This electric chopper is equipped with 8 accessories.
  • Dices, whisks, chops, kneads, mashes, shred, and slices.
  • 1000-watt 14 cup capacity food processor with dough blade. Cut through most ingredients quickly and efficiently.
  • Just one knob can control the whole large processor among 2 working speeds and 1 pulse mode.
  • Equipped with a considerate double safety locking design to process food in a total efficient and safe way, the processor will not run until you assemble all parts correctly.
best food processor with dough blade

Magiccos is a brand known for its line of small kitchen appliances, ranging from hand mixers to food processors.

This food processor with dough blade comes with 8 attachments including a dough blade, a chopper blade, and a slicing disc. You can knead dough and chop onions without tears with this one appliance.

This food processor has 2-speed settings and a pulse option. And with the 1000-watt motor, you should be able to get your kitchen prep done in a short amount of time.

The 14-cup capacity makes this food processor with dough blade perfect for preparing meals for a large family or a gathering.

All components are top-rack dishwasher safe, leaving you hassle-free when it is times to clean up.

Magiccos care about the welfare of its customers. That’s why this food processor has a safety feature that will not allow the motor to power on until all components have been assembled correctly and are safely locked in place.

Key Features:
  • Comes with 8 attachments for food processing
  • 1000-watt motor
  • 14-cup capacity
  • Safety lock feature
  • The removable parts are dishwasher-safe


I am so pleased with it! I love using the dicing attachment to dice onions.
It is user friendly, powerful, and easy to clean. Does everything I want it to.


 If you really like to grind meat a food processor, this one does not do it very well but it’s better for fruits and vegetables.

What To Consider Before Purchasing A Food Processor With Dough Blade

1. Capacity

Most food processors with dough blades can have the capacity to hold between 7 to 14 cups of dry contents. There may be a smaller capacity for liquid ingredients. Most also feature 3 to 5-cup choppers which are for finer prep jobs. If you have a large household then you will want a food processor with a 14-cup capacity. If you have a small family then the smaller cup size should be fine.

2. Chutes

All food processors do not have the same chute size. Some chutes are bigger than others. The bigger chutes mean you don’t have to chop the food as much before inserting it into the food processor. Thus I would suggest getting a food processor with dough blade that has a large chute so you don’t have to pre-cut your veggies and fruits.


Most food processors with dough blade all have similar functions. The things you want to really consider is the speed. You want a food processor that has high speeds, usually the higher wattage ones have more speed, so that you can do more in less time and get out of the kitchen.


Safety is a priority when working with any kitchen appliance. When purchasing a good processor make sure it has a some kind of safe guard in place. Look for a processor that has a bowl that will fit securely in place, that it snaps easily. Also look for one that will not turn on until all the pieces are connected correctly. You can never be too careful.


Make sure you buy a processor that has a dough blade to handle your cooking needs. All of the food processors listed here have dough blade which will serve the needs of the average home cook.


Try to pick a food processor that is not too noisy. The demo videos in this article should give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to noise levels.


Most of the processors reviewed in this article come with some type of warranty but I would recommend buying the extended warranty for the added protection. If you are a new user of food processors you may inadvertently break a component and it’s nice to know you can get a replacement without having to buy a whole new machine.


Before you buy anything, if possible, check the reviews. Some brands’ bowls are more durable than others. Unfortunately, you won’t discover this until your purchase one for yourself. But be proactive in your such to find the most sturdy bowl for your food processing needs.


What can of dough you want to make will determine what type of dough blade you need for your food processor. If you want to mix hard doughs, then I suggest a steel blade. However, if you want to mix soft dough for things like cake, then I recommend the plastic dough blade. But either material dough blade can make dough so you can enjoy your favorite baked goods in the comfort of your home.


Think about why you want a food processor. Do you want it for chopping vegetables? Or how about slicing vegetables? Or making homemade baked goods? Whatever your reason make sure you choose a food processor that will meet all of your cooking needs.

11. SIZE

Size doesn’t really matter unless you don’t have much counter space. Making a decision based on size isn’t as important as speed or motor wattage. You want a food processor that will get the job done quickly and efficiently and size doesn’t really figure into that equation.


When talking about the speed of a food processor you want something that is fast. Most food processors operate at around 1,700 revolutions per minute. This gives you more control over the consistency of your food.


Be sure to check if the food processor has some type of safety mechanism in place. It should come with a locking system that won’t allow the motor to start until everything has been secured correctly. Better to be safe than sorry.


Each food processor with a dough blade has a different price tag. You have to decide which ones have the best benefits that fit your needs.


1. Can I Use My Food Processor To Make Dough?

Yes. This is the purpose of the dough blade so that you don’t have to knead the dough by hand. Every food processor reviewed in this article comes with a dough blade.

2. Which food processors makes bread dough the best?

Each food processor reviewed in this article can make bread dough. You just have to decide what other features you are looking for. We like the steel blades best for making dough. And we also like to use our food processor for slicing and chopping. Check out all the features to make sure they have what you need.

3. Will a blender work better than a food processor to make dough?

A blender has higher speeds than a food processor so you wouldn’t have as much control as to the consistency of your dough in a blender. Also, a blender would take more time because could only do it in smaller batches. If you make home-baked goods on a regular basis, then I would say investing in a food processor with a dough blade is a wise choice.

4. What does a dough blade look like?

The most common material for a dough blade is plastic. It is typically shorter to make it more conducive to kneading dough. But as I mentioned earlier I recommend buying the food processor with the metal dough blade.

5. What is the dough blade that comes with a food processor?

It is a food processor that has a dough blade that is detachable. Most food processors come with multiple accessories. This is because different accessories do different things like kneading dough (dough blade), slicing (slicing blade), you get the point.

6. What does the dough blade help you do?

The dough blade helps you to knead the dough and make bread in less time than it would take you to do it manually.

7. Where can I purchase a food processor with a dough blade attachment?

You can buy one at many online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and many more. Or if you want to buy one that was reviewed in this article today, just click on the shop now link to make your purchase.

8. Why would I use a dough blade?

You would use a dough blade to help you knead dough faster than doing it manually.

9. What foods can I make with a dough blade.

You can make as many foods as you can think of with the dough blade. YOu can make cakes, pies, different varieties of bread. The possibilities are endless. You are only limited by your imagination.


Food processors have allowed us to cut our time in the kitchen in half, so we can enjoy the things we really love, like spending time with our family and friends. If you are a baker, or someone whose interesting in picking baking, then a food processor with a dough blade is a good choice. Not only will you be able to make homemade baked goods faster, but you’ll also get the added benefits of slicing and chopping in half the time. Just imagine all the time you will save. What will you do will all that spare time? I hope this article has aided you in making a decision about the best food processor with the dough blades.

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