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Are you searching for the best kitchen island on wheels? In this post, I review 6 of the top best kitchen islands on wheels.

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Kitchen islands have become a must-have in recent years. They provide extra counter and storage space, plus they add a touch of style to any kitchen. But what if you don’t have the room to permanently install an island? Or maybe you want to be able to move your island around your kitchen as needed?

Kitchen islands on wheels can provide a lot of functionality and versatility in the kitchen. They can be moved around to wherever you need them, which is great for small spaces. You can also use them as an extra work surface or as a place to store your appliances. Plus, they’re easy to clean since you can just roll them out into the living room or garage to give them a good scrubbing. may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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See the comparison chart below. It gives some features and ratings of each brand. For an in-depth review of each kitchen island on wheels for your home continue scrolling.

Best Kitchen Island On Wheels Comparison Chart

Product Image

Product Brand



Winsome Kitchen Island

  • The perfect solution for small kitchens

  • Provides extra counter and storage space

  • Cart is rolling so it's easy to move around

Homestyles Dolly Madison Kitchen Island

  • Kitchen cart is constructed of hardwood solids and engineered wood

  • Comes in white finish with natural solid rubber wood top

  • Features two adjustable shelves in each cabinet door

Hodedah Kitchen Island

  • Provides extra storage space in your kitchen

  • Comes with a drawer for utensils and dinnerware

  • Convenient way to display your microwave, toaster and other small appliances

 Dorel Living Kitchen Island

  • Perfect for small kitchens - provides extra counter space and storage

  • Solid wood top is durable and easy to clean

  • Towel bar and spice rack are convenient extras

Homcom Kitchen Island

  • Ample storage with three drawers and one adjustable shelf

  • Towel and spice racks on each side

  • Wheels for easy movement

Home Styles Design Your Own Kitchen Island

  • Huge selection of base and countertop options

  • Constructed of rubberwood & solid wood veneers

  • Adjustable and removable shelving

Best Kitchen Island On Wheels Top 6 Brands Reviewed

Best Kitchen Island On Wheels

best kitchen island on wheels
  • 26.9″W x 18.2″ D x 34.3″ H
  • Solid beachwood composite wood
  • Lockable wheels
  • Side towel rail
  • Utensil drawer
  • Large 2-Door cabinet with shelf

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best kitchen island on wheels

The overall cart size is 26.9″ W x 18.2″ D x 34.3″ H. The top of the cart is 26″W x 18.2″ D.  The inside drawer dim is 19.3″ W x 13.1″ D x 3.8″ H. The 2 slated shelves are 22.6″ W x 12.9″ D. The top shelf has a clearance of 7.5″.

This cart is handy for food preparation and it will add storage to your kitchen.

You won’t have to worry about this cart rolling over all the place while in use. Two wheels on the cart lock in place for your safety. 

Quickly clean your space or your hands with the convenient paper towel holder.

Best Features

  • Cabinet size storage

Worst Features

  • Can’t handle too much weight in the drawers
best kitchen island on wheels
  • 53.5” W x 18” D x 36” H 
  • Natural solid rubberwood top
  • Body made of hardwood solids

Homestyles Dolly Madison Kitchen Island Video Review

More About Homestyles Dolly Madison Kitchen Island

The top is made of rubberwood, a durable and eco-friendly material. It is good for lasting a long time and resisting cracks.

Dimensions for the inside are 29 ¼” H x 14 ¼” D x 28” W. The shelves are adjustable to fit your needs. There is also a leaf attached to give you extra prep space as needed. Or you can use it as a table for eating.

This kitchen cart comes with doors that allow you to hide away storage items. It also has wheels that lock in place.

best kitchen cart on wheels

In addition to extra prep space, this kitchen cart also features a spice rack, a towel rack, and brushed nickel fixtures for a style addition to any kitchen.

Best Features

  • The leaf addition that offers extra prep space

Worst Features

  • Some of the drawers may stick
  • 15.53″D x 44.9″W x 35.2″H
  • Has enough cabinet space to store small appliances and pot and pans
  • Drawer is deep enough to store utensils and small dinnerware plates
  • Top is wide enough to store microwaves and small toaster ovens
  • Wheels that lock
  • Has a spice rack and towel holder
  • Made with compressed wood
  • Available in different colors
best kitchen island on wheels

Hodedah Kitchen Island Video Review

More About Hodedah Kitchen Island

best kitchen island on wheels

This kitchen cart on wheels features a spice rack and a towel holder. This is especially convenient if you are a cook who organizes spices before cooking. The towel racks allow you to keep a towel quickly in reach when you need to wipe your hands.

The drawers are fitted with metal glides to prevent the drawer from falling out. They are strong enough to hold utensils and small kitchen gadgets. 

If you’re looking for a kitchen island that can be easily moved around or kept in one place, this island with lockable casters is a great option. Perfect for small spaces, this island provides additional storage and work surface without taking up too much room.

Hodedah’s Kitchen Island is a versatile and stylish addition to any home, perfect for anyone who loves to cook or entertain guests. With a towel rack, spice rack, and plenty of storage space, this kitchen island has everything you need to make your kitchen feel complete. It’s available in multiple finishes, so you can choose the perfect one to match your existing decor.

Best Features

  • Has a towel rack, a spice race, and a paper towel holder

Worst Features

  • Assembling may be challenging
  •  32”L x 19”W x 35.5”H

  • Perfect for small spaces, with a solid wood top, plenty of storage space, and durable casters for easy mobility

  • This product was designed with your convenience in mind, featuring a towel bar and a spice rack

  • Includes a drawer and cupboard for ample storage options

  • Multiple colors are available.
best kitchen island on wheels

Dorel Living Kitchen Island Video Review

More About Dorel Living Kitchen Island

best kitchen island on wheels

This kitchen cart is convenient and makes it easy to prepare and serve food. You can keep everything you need on the cart and move it around to wherever you need to be.

This kitchen island is exactly what you need for storage, with one drawer, one cupboard, and a towel rack.

best kitchen island on wheels

This cart is designed for small kitchens or apartments with limited storage space. It is compact and functional, making it a versatile addition to any home.

This cart has four caster wheels, two of which can lock in place. You can easily roll it to create extra counter or table space, and lock it into position so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away.

Best Feature

  • It’s easy to set up 

Worst Feature

  • Some parts may not fit together properly
  • 50.75″ L x 29.75″ W x 36.5″ D

  • Comes with 3 drawers and a 2-door cabinet for ample storage options. Inside the cabinet is one adjustable shelf to fit kitchen appliances, dishes, or silverware

  • Has a towel rack and spice rack on each side, so you don’t need to keep going back and forth to your cabinets Everything you need will be right on your new kitchen island

  • Outfitted with four wheels, two of which can be locked for easy sliding from your kitchen to your living room or dining room. The drop-leaf table top provides extra space for use as a bar table

  • Made with a high-quality engineered wood frame and a rubberwood countertop, supporting up to 145lbs. Its three drawers slide smoothly and its cabinet doors are easy to grab
best kitchen island on wheels

Homcom Kitchen Island Video Review

More About Homcom Kitchen Island

This four-wheeled cart is easy to move around, making it a great addition to your kitchen, dining room, or living room. The caster wheels lock in place for security and stability.

It is big enough to offer ample storage space without being overwhelming. There are drawers and a two-door cabinet that can hold your microwave and other kitchenware.

The drop leaf allows you to have extra space when you need it, and can function as a dining table or counter table.

A rubberwood countertop is an easy-to-clean and sturdy surface for a kitchen island tabletop.

Best Feature

  • Has a drop leaf for extra prepping space

Worst Feature

  • Maybe a little too big for a smaller sized kitchen
  • 52.5″ W x 17.75″ D x 36″ H 

  • Made from a combination of rubberwood and real wood veneers

  • Adjustable and removable shelving, providing 5 different storage options to choose from

  • Features four drawers with metal glides and safety stops

  • An attached condiment caddy is the perfect way to keep spices and condiments organized
best kitchen island on wheels

Homestyles Design Your Kitchen Island Video Review

More About Homestyles Design Your Kitchen Island

best kitchen island on wheels

You have complete control over the design of your kitchen island when you choose the Design Your Own Kitchen Island option! Design this island to perfectly match your home’s decor and to meet your culinary needs.

This kitchen cart is equipped with a handy condiment/spice caddy and a towel rack with paper towel holder, making it a convenient addition to your kitchen.

best kitchen island on wheels

This kitchen island is made with a sturdy rubberwood construction and veneer side panels, door panels, and framing

best kitchen island on wheels

The raised panel doors on the two storage cabinets provide five configuration options, while the four drawers in the middle provide ample space to organize your kitchen goods

Best Features

  • Customizable

Worst Features

  • The drawers may be too small for some items

The Benefits Of Rubberwood As A Kitchen Island Tabletop

Hailing from the maple family of trees, the rubber tree is used in the manufacture of high-end furniture. It is valued for its dense grain, minimal shrinkage, attractive color, and acceptance of different finishes. It is also prized as an environmentally friendly wood, as it makes use of trees that have been cut down at the end of their latex-producing cycle

Rubberwood is a great choice for furniture because it is very stable, with minimal shrinkage and cracking. Additionally, rubberwood has a beautiful blonde to medium tan color.

How to Determine The Best Kitchen Island Size


Kitchen islands are a must-have in any kitchen. They provide extra counter space and storage, and they add a touch of style to the room. Kitchen islands on wheels offer all of the functionality of a regular kitchen island, but they are also mobile, which makes them great for small spaces. They can also be used as an extra work surface or as a place to store appliances.


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